PhEDECs™ syllabus (full)

PhEDECs™ – ECG Fundamentals

The following open-access videos are designed to provide learners with a foundation knowledge of the fundamental concepts that underpin ECG Interpretation. 

Each PhEDECs™ level will gradually build upon these core concepts, systematically introducing more complex information in a spiral learning approach. 


An Introduction to the 12-lead ECG

In this video we review the physiology of the heart, the derivation of an ECG lead and the development of the 12-lead ECG.


Cardiac Muscle Fibres

In this video we review cardiac muscle fibre physiology and the difference between autorhythmic and contractile cells. 


The Conduction System

In this video we take a look at the different parts of the conduction system: the SA node, AV node, Bundle of His and bundle branches. 


Electrodes, Leads and Views

In this video we discuss how myocardial depolarisation generates an ECG reading and how the limb and precordial leads are derived. 


Myocardial Views

In this video we discuss how each lead achieves its view of the myocardium and which combinations of leads relate to which myocardial territory.


The Coronary Circulation

In this video we revise the normal layout of the coronary arteries, the myocardial territories that these arteries perfuse and briefly, the problem with right ventricular pathologies.


The P-QRS-T Complex

In this video we discuss the P-QRS-T complex, the normal waves, segments, and intervals and what they represent, and the normal durations of each interval.

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