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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Are you interested in ECG interpretation and teaching? We'd love to hear your thoughts about our new ECG syllabus.

ECG Interpretation Workshops

At PREMED, our aim is to deliver meaningful learning experiences that have a real impact on our attendee's clinical practice. To best achieve this with our ECG workshops, we have designed three different levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Those with minimal experience in ECG interpretation are recommended to attend our basic workshop first, as the intermediate and advanced sessions build on the knowledge covered in that session. However that is not strictly necessary, and those who are confident in their basic ECG interpretation ability may wish to attend the intermediate or advanced workshops only.

Of note, we are only scheduling basic and intermediate workshops in the near future. Advanced workshops will only be scheduled when at least one faculty member has achieved the DipECG (see below).

Our next workshop, 12-lead ECG Interpretation: Basic, is on 23rd January 2021. Get your ticket here!


To best meet the learning requirements of our attendees and to help with the choice of which level of workshop to attend we have developed the following syllabus, based largely on the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology’s Diploma in ECG Interpretation syllabus.

PREMED ECG syllabus_draft 1
Download PDF • 280KB

This is a first draft and we would love to hear people's thoughts. Does the syllabus make sense? Is the content appropriate for each level? Are we missing anything vital?

Please comment below or email us at


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