The critically ill child is a case that is, thankfully, rare in emergency care. However when it does occur, the use of checklists can be vital in ensuring accurate weight and drug calculations.  Our paediatric resuscitation card contains the most essential formulae required to estimate the appropriate energy for defibrillation, airway device size, and drug calculations. On the reverse side of the card is a table of normal values for all ages of patient, reprinted from the APLS (6th Edn) manual. Please note (and we can't reiterate it enough!) that the formulae and drug calculations are intended as a guide only and not as a substitute for appropriate clinical guidance.

'WEST AIMS' Paediatric Card

SKU: 828263686503266
  • Professionally printed on robust PVC sheets to ensure longevity. 

    Size A6, double-sided.

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