It is well known that human error can lead to patient harm, and the literature shows that the use of checklists and aide memoires can reduce cognitive 'bandwidth' and improve patient care. 

When you are sedating a patient in an unfamiliar environment, or preparing to handover to an emergency team, attention to detail is vital. Our Sedation and Handover Card was designed with the healthcare practitioner in mind. They are printed no robust, high quality plastic and are the same size as a credit care, meaning they will slip into any ID card holder or wallet.

So next time you need to sedate a patient, or are preparing a clinical handover, why shuffle through that bundle of 'useful' pieces of paper in your pocket, or scroll frantically through the apps on your phone? Just reach for your work ID and your Sedation and Handover Card won't be far away! 

(Lanyard / card holder not included).

Sedation and Handover Card

SKU: 194264249032729
  • Professionally printed on robust plastic ID cards to ensure longevity. 

    Size 'standard card' (86mm x 54mm), double-sided.

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