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    1. Course introduction

    2. PhEDECs™ Course Brochure

    3. How to use this platform

    4. Normal values, key terms and references

    5. Before you begin...

    6. Pre-course MCQ

    1. Lesson 2: Cardiac Muscle Fibres

    2. Cardiac Muscle Fibres

    3. Test your learning

    1. Lesson 3: The Conduction System

    2. The Conduction System

    3. Test your learning

    1. Lesson 4: Electrodes, Leads and Views

    2. Electrodes, Leads and Views

    3. Test your learning

    1. Lesson 5: Myocardial Views

    2. Myocardial Views

    3. Test your learning

About this course

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  • Certificate of Completion
  • 7 lessons

The Team

Silas Houghton Budd

Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care)

Silas is a specialist paramedic (critical care) working in NHS and motorsport roles. His professional interests include airway care, ECG interpretation and medical education. He has Diplomas in ECG Interpretation and Immediate Medical Care and postgraduate degrees in Critical Care.

Jamie Webb

Specialist Paramedic (Urgent and Emergency Care)

Jamie is a specialist paramedic currently working at an NHS ambulance service. He has expertise in a broad range of subjects including ECG interpretation and heart disease. He also has an interest in medical education.


“Before I started my journey as a student paramedic, I wanted to prepare myself and ECG interpretation was one of the areas I was recommended to begin looking into. I wish I had access to the PREMED PhEDECs™ essentials package sooner to help. The learning platform is easy to navigate with real time feedback. I completed the Level 1 course before it migrated, and I'm sure to use it again once it's online as a refresher thanks to the comprehensive amount of content delivered in an easily digestible manner. I'll be recommending these courses to other students in my cohort and to any who wish to begin learning the dark art of the ECG.”

Nathan Antino – Student Paramedic

“After completing the Prehospital and Emergency Department ECG course Level 2, I feel more skilled and confident to interpret ECGs in the acute setting. The skills and methodical approach that were taught have become embedded in my practice. Most shifts my colleagues ask to use my PREMED ECG Interpretation Card to guide their ECG interpretation. I recommend this course to all my colleagues.”

Alex Torrance – Emergency Nurse Practitioner