Prehospital, Resuscitation, and Emergency Medicine Education

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Making continuing professional development easy

With a variety of both open-access and paid material, including online lectures, face-to-face teaching, clinical workshops, and

a monthly podcast, we are sure to have something to suit

you. Have a look around and see what you think! 


A (sort of) monthly chat with a variety of medical experts. Mostly prehospital but with a bit of emergency medicine and paramedic career progression thrown in. Hosted by Silas and available on most platforms.


From ECG interpretation to airway management to OSCE preparation, we

have a constantly growing database of lectures by a faculty of experienced clinicians that are sure to

meet your learning needs.

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PHEC is a hands-on discipline which needs a hands-on learning approach. At PREMED, we host a range of face-to-face workshops, all delivered by an experienced

and knowledgeable faculty.

You can read about how we are responding to the latest COVID-19 guidance here.